Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NoteStack --- A note program for Windows Mobile Smartphones

Several years ago I wanted a note program for my PDA, so I designed one but never built it. Then I got my Motorola Q phone and noticed that it didn't have a note program with it. I tried using a text editor, but it was a hassle to save each note to a different file. I just wanted to enter my note and move on. And I wanted an easy way to see my notes. So I decided to pull out my old design and code it up.

What makes it different from other note programs? I tried to make things as easy for the user as possible. The main idea is that you see a list of all your notes on one half of your screen and as you scroll thru them, the currently selected note appears on the other half. You use the Up and Down keys to scroll thru the notes. If the note contains more than half a screen's text, you can scroll thru it by using the left and right keys. You can easily browse your notes with just the directional pad.

The first line of text in your note becomes the title that you see in the list. This keeps you from having to explicitly enter a separate name for each note in a different field.

When you select "New Note" you are given a full screen text box to add it. When you press "Done" the note is automatically saved. To edit an existing note, just select it in the list and press the action button. When you are satisfied, just press "Done" and your update will be saved.

So in summary: No having to worry about saving the notes. No worries about finding them in a bunch of separate files. No hassles with naming the notes.

I thought it might be useful to someone besides me so I'm releasing it as freeware.

The usual disclaimers apply. Use at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damage or problems this program may cause, etc.

Right now it only works on non-touchscreen Windows Mobile phones. And it requires the .Net Compact Framework version 2 or greater.

Download: NoteStack.cab

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