Friday, January 9, 2015

Slow Mac? Check Your Disk Permissions

For a while, my MacBook Pro had been running really slow. Programs would take a long time to start up and I couldn’t figure out why. Googling around I found people saying to check the memory, CPU usage and hard drive space. I had plenty of hard drive space available and Activity Monitor (Mac’s version of the Task Manager) indicated no problems with memory pressure or CPU cycles. 


Finally one day l was Googling the problem again and someone said to check the disk permissions. So I went into the Disk Utility, selected my hard drive and clicked on Verify Disk Permissions. After running for a while (~20 minutes) the system showed several permission errors. I ran the Repair Disk Permissions option. Then I rebooted and now my Macbook Pro is running much faster. So if you’re having problems with your Mac and you know your have plenty of memory, hard drive space and no CPU problems, check your disk permissions. 

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Harish said...

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