Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Deleting Files in Visual Studio/TFS Taking a Long Time

I needed to delete some files from source control and noticed that it was taking Visual Studio/TFS about 30 seconds to delete a file (move it to the delete pending list). Since I needed to delete a lot of files, you can imagine how annoying this was. So, I fired up good old Process Monitor and started watching devenv.exe. Then I went into Source Control explorer and deleted a file. Suddenly Process Monitor was full of folder accesses. Dozens of folders were being scanned. After some research, it turned out that when I deleted a file for some reason Visual Studio was looking through all the folders in the same workspace as the file.

So, I created a new workspace and put my project and only that project in the workspace. Now when I try to delete a file it happens very quickly.
Lesson learned.

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