Thursday, December 28, 2017

Visual Studio 2015 VSIX Project Stopped Working

Yesterday I opened up a VSIX project to add a new feature. This is a Visual Studio 2015 project that I hadn't worked on in a few months. It worked fine a few months ago, but now, all of the sudden, it wouldn't build. What's going on?

The error message I was getting stated:

"Cannot find wrapper assembly for type library "EnvDTE100". Verify that (1) the COM component is registered correctly and (2) your target platform is the same as the bitness of the COM component."

After Googling, I found from this site that if you install Visual Studio 2017 on your machine, it will affect your references to the EnvDTE assemblies. I had recently installed VS 2017. Thankfully, the site also contained the solution:

"In old VSIX projects: Remove old COM references to EnvDTE, EnvDTE80, EnvDTE90 and EnvDTE100. Add new references using Assemblies | Extensions tab and select EnvDTE, EnvDTE80, EnvDTE90, EnvDTE100. The project should build now."

I updated my references and everything started working again.

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