Monday, August 20, 2007

Becoming a Better Developer, part 2

Last month I posted about Justice Gray’s meme of Becoming a Better Developer. I posted what I was going to do in the next six months to become a better developer and challenged four of my friends to do the same. Here’s what they said:

Brian Whittington:

My goal is to “upgrade” my existing skills to take full advantage of the .Net 2.0 Framework. I’m still stuck in the 1.1 Framework mindset, at least to some degree (I’m still using datagrids!). Also, I want to begin using and researching SQL 2005 more so that I am more comfortable using it. I’ve been using SQL 2000 for so long it’s kind of my comfort blanket and I need to move on. Also also, I want to use better OOP techniques in my code. I’ll probably find some good books and go from there.

As for myself and where I am: I’m on chapter 23 (out of 35) of Code Complete. And I’m on the last chapter of Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. My game is coming along as well (though it has been a few weeks since I worked on it.) It now has sound effects.

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