Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Circuit City to the Rescue!

My MythTV Journey, Part 9

I had read on the MythTV wiki and the forums that ATI All-in-Wonder cards would not work with MythTV. So, I tried it anyway. Didn't work. :-)

Reading the forums I discovered that one of the most popular and not too expensive capture cards for MythTV is the Haupauge PVR150. However, it was also at the forums that I found a warning. It seems that around Christmas, Haupauge experienced a shortage of these cards. So, they began to put PVR1600 cards into the PVR150 boxes. Now, the PVR1600 is a better, more expensive card. I'm sure several people where happy to receive it, but it doesn't work with MythTV. I emailed Haupague and asked if there was any way to tell from looking at the box if it contained a PVR150 or a PVR1600. They should no, but that if I ended up with a PVR1600 they would glady swap it out for a PVR150.

I had been to my local Best Buy and noticed that they didn't carry the PVR150. I checked Circuit City's website. Not only did they carry it, but my "local" store had them in stock. After discussing it with my wife and getting the okay to spend the money, I took a chance and purchased one. Fortunately it was a real PVR150!

local=An hour's drive

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