Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A hard drive! A hard drive! My kingdom for a hard drive!

My MythTV Journey, Part 7

Well, I had a machine, now I needed a hard drive. I don't want to use the one currently installed. The plan was to unhook the Ubuntu drive and use an older drive that I could format. I searched the house for a hard drive. I found a few, but either they already had data on them that I didn't want to lose, or they were too small. (I even found an 80 MB. That's right MB, not GB). Eventually, I noticed that their was on old, unconnected drive in the computer I wanted to put a drive into! It was 13 GB. Of course, that wouldn't be enough to record a lot of TV shows on, but it would be big enough to install MythTV and see if I could get it working.

By the way, here's a tip for ya:
If you want to play with alternate operating system, but don't want to mess up your Windows install (and aren't afraid of messing around inside your computer) get another hard drive. You can install Linux on the new drive. When you want to run Windows just hook the Windows drive up and unhook the Linux one. (Of course there are more elegant solutions, like using Grub, but this way is simpler if you're just getting your feet wet.)

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